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Avertica® Consulting Group provides our clients with tailored international consulting based upon relevant approaches and success cases drawn from our vast experience. We mainly focus in consulting through our different partners in the U.S.A. and in Europe, especially in Spain. We adapt these practices to the clients’ specific situation by working closely with them and a local expertise. We believe that local knowledge combined with international experience is an essential element of successful project delivery.

Our international expertise is based on the following areas: sales and management education, strategic planning, research services, partnering services, negotiation services, international trade, etc.

We will set expectations for international markets, and train your international team. We offer customized “know-   how to” sessions for different markets and countries.


  1. Start-ups – New Venture Creation.
  2. Franchising your Business.
  3. Franchise Selection.
  4. Corporate Image and Brand Development.
  5. Personal Branding.
  6. Certifications - Quality & Satisfaction.
  7. Training Courses for Companies, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.
  8. International Consulting & Partnerships.


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